Mr. Silverman graduated from the University of Missouri in 1976.  He also did graduate work through the Department of Education in Counseling. 

He has been married to his wife Vicki for 39 years. Their son Cary is a graduate from the University of Missouri. 

Starting his business career in 1978, he owned and operated his business in the international insurance and finance market, dealing with both the domestic and British markets. In 1986 he started Waldo General, Inc. and currently serves as president and CEO. Paul is past president of Notre Dame De Sion’s Alliance and is honored to have served as an Elder and on the finance committee for Rivercity Community Church. 

Paul is an avid runner and has competed in over 80 races including the Boston and New York Marathons. The love of travel and interest in other cultures have taken him to both Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central American and hiking in the jungles of South America visiting indigenous tribes. 

Currently Paul’s passion and commitment belongs to Em’s Spotlight a non-profit foundation.  In 2003 Paul and his wife started Em’s Spotlight in memory of their daughter Emily, who died in a car accident at age 19 on her way to Missouri Valley Collegewhere she was studying dance.  Over the past years the foundation has given over 7,000 children with limited opportunities dance lessons free of charge and have put on 16 city wide dance recitals, three of them which have been held at the historic Gem Theater. 

Hear Paul tell his story of “When Bad Things Happen to Good People” and his own personal struggles of looking for the God he once knew.

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